Insider’s Manual: LGBT Tourism in Havana. LGBT customs in Cuba

Insider’s Manual: LGBT Tourism in Havana. LGBT customs in Cuba

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German Miguel read sociology and is today an effective Better Business Bureau and entreprenuer. He has got years of experience in helping gay tourists explore the LGBT heritage in Cuba. Today he offers with our team his favourite guides! You can book a stay at his place on his web site or Booking.

German, reveal about your self!

I’m German Miguel, sociologist. My partner and I at some time decided to purchase a property with the intention that we’re able to starting leasing it to travelers on Airbnb as well as other on-line platforms. That’s just how our very own job of Casa Viola was born. I like working with anyone, and its own an effective companies: it’s just not extremely confusing regarding strategies like a cafe or restaurant.

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However, as soon as we started, there were 2000 casas particulares within neighbourhood of Centro Habana. We mentioned better, whenever we place our selves online we have to stick out for some reason. What makes united states different from all the 5 different casas particulares to my block? I did so some investigating and uncovered MisterBnb and Gay Homeestay. Perfect, then live escort reviews Augusta GA I’ll sell the concept of a gay individual sticking with a gay number. The first individuals who stumbled on stick to you was actually a gay pair who have been most scared of discrimination in Cuba. They were grateful is staying with a gay host.

Should travelers going to Cuba be worried about discrimination against LGBT visitors?

Really aparently that’s what vacation organizations inform them. Read more